B’s Back to Work after 6-0 Stampede by Buffalo!

After a crushing 6-0 defeat at the hands of the Buffalo Sabres last night the Bruins return to work. They need all the practice they can get after a crushing blow like that. Their was no fire at all in the team last night. Matt Kilman said the B’s focused mainly on 1-1 battles at their practice at Ristuccia Arena. The Bruins definitly need the work . With that said i think i can understand why the bruins are having these types of troubles. First off lets not forget that other then the Vancouver Canucks we played more games last season than any team. That amount of games mixed with the Bruins losing key guys like Nate Horton and Adam Mcquaid to injury could  all be factors for this current 5-6-1 record over the last 12 games. The Bruins were riding high only a few weeks early. what changed you ask? I think they are tired and beat up. But there is a long season to go and i  would rather a slump now then come playoffs. Let them rest so the bear can awake fearsome in the spring!!


At least Thorton has the heart of Bruin…..even when where losing!

Shawn Thorton VS Mike Weber







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  1. bpsandstrom Says:

    I didn’t realize how many games the Bruins played, but it makes sense that they would be tired. Hopefully they can rally for the playoffs and we wont have any more injuries. BTW i like the background

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